7 No-Cost Preschool Toys and Games

Rediscovering do it yourself (DIY) projects through toys and the art of reusing has never been so fun! I highly encourage recycling and using materials that can be found anywhere. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and your child(ren) will surely have fun.

Do not throw away that box or plastic container! For young children, the use of materials can be fun and educational when used with good intentions.

Here are my top 7 no-cost toys that can be used at home or in your preschool classroom.

  1. Discovery box (plastic or cardboard). This is my absolute favorite! I used to have it in my preschool class and the idea is to have random items that are related to your child(ren) preferences. For example, have a discovery box in your science area, add items that can be found in nature and have your child(ren) use a magnifying glass or microscope to explore each item.
  2. Bubble wraps. Do not throw them away! Use bubble wraps for children to pop the bubbles and reinforce their fine motor skills. What about an art project? Check out these awesome ideas from The Chaos and The Clutter  

Ps. Did you know yesterday was National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?

3. Empty boxes. There are lots of projects that can be done with empty boxes. In class, we always used to create props scenarios for puppet theater that the children would then act out. Another idea is to keep empty boxes of pizza and use them as an easel. Flip them over and start your art!  

4. Toilet paper tubes. For fun art projects and stamps.

5. Old sponges. Place them in a bucket of water and let the fun begin! Sponges can also be used for painting and creating crafts. You can cut them and make shapes or use them to paint.

6. Old gift cards, membership cards, and business cards. Children can use them to simulate shopping.

7. Your hands. Have you ever played peek-a-boo with a baby? This is one of the most stimulating games for an infant. The same goes for other games intended for preschoolers, to help them develop learning skills. The game “Concentration” helps with practicing their faster-thinking skills, while “thumb wrestling” has to do with their hand-eye coordination. For these and more examples of games for children that can be played with their hands, click here.

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