3 Tips to Help You Reach Your Teaching Goals

Summer is finally here! Teachers get to collect all the overtime they accumulated throughout the year and work on their professional development. For a lot of teachers, the beginning of the summer is filled with excitement about all the different courses, lectures, books, conference, and other activities they can do. The summer is also a great time to individually work on goals for the next school year.

The beginning of the school year is filled with optimism and it’s cousin hope. Teachers know the steps needed to get to a goal and have the energy to take on those steps. Students engagement and excitement is their primal motivating force and it’s absence is paralyzing. Yet every year, half-way through the school year students seem to be in a slump. Having reachable goals can help you and your students get out of this funk. Teachers have to adopt the Synergy System; channeling positive energy. Students feed off of their teachers energy. Therefore if you are in a slump, they will be too. Remember your role and responsibilities will enable you to achieve your districts huge targets that sometimes seem assumably impossible.

Setting Your Goals

Demystifying your role is also key: what do you think you can do to achieve your goals and targets in a classroom?

1. Be strict on SMART plans: Set Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound goals. Setting one large annual goal with multiple smaller goals throughout the year is best. The wins from the smaller goals will help keep you motivated and on track for your larger goal. Additionally, it’s easier to focus on a few goals at a time. Wait until one small goal is completed before working on another small one.

SMART goals explanation

2. Embrace the policy of inclusiveness and work as a TEAM. Together Each Achieves More that when consolidated the results are enormous. Reach out to your learning coaches, leaders, and fellow teachers for help. Sometimes to reach our goal we just need a little extra help and they are always willing to give it.

Team work makes the dream work

3. Monitor the KPIs. It’s very imperative that you take seriously the Key Performance Indicators for your school. Reviewing them regularly will ensure you are staying on track and that your students are not falling behind.

Key Performance Indicators

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