Education-related News Updates and Resources August 25, 2017

Following you will find our news updates for the week ending August 25, 2017.  We also want to know what education and parenting articles or blogs you are following and reading.

Did you see this story focused on how Sen. John Kennedy spent his summer as an 8th grade substitute teacher?

We have seen many stories about the “benefits of a bilingual education.”  That is the title of one story we read this week.  For us, there is no question about the value, but reading stories like this  helps validate our commitment to celebrating bilingualism.



This week we also read a blog by Brandon Johnson titled “Why you Should Build a Twitter Professional Learning Network,” which includes some great tips regarding Twitter.  We would love to hear how parents and educators are using Twitter.

We are currently reviewing the report “Why All High School Diplomas are Not Created Equal” from The Alliance for Excellent Education. You can find it here.

This week our colleague Erika Taylor wrote a blog post titled “Dear Kindergarten Parent”, which we wanted to share again as a great resource.  We invite you to follow our blog, with insights for parents and teachers.  We have posts in English and Spanish.  This blog post from Paola Hernandez focuses on how to empower students by reteaching, and this one, in Spanish, focuses on how to prepare for the last year of high school.  We also have one from Jesica Chavez regarding the importance of art at home.  We hope you find these of value.

News Updates week ending August 25, 2017


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