Virtual Educa 2018 Brazil Recap

Virtual Educa 2018The 19th Virtual Educa conference, which took place in Salvador Bahia from June 4-8th, focused on using education to transform society into a single multicultural space, due to the strategic importance of education in the 21st century.

Genius Plaza had the honor of being one of the sponsors at this event, which held place at ICEIA (Instituto Central de Educação Isaia) recently having gone through renovations through the help of local residents and backed up by Bahia governor Rui Costa.

The program was divided into two areas. The Academic space (for teachers, students and education experts) and the Global Forum on Education and Innovation, which is part of the series of Virtual Educa Forums on Education and Innovation initiated in Santo Domingo in 2010.  Virtual Educa 2018 Walter Pinheiro Working alongside Bahia’s Secretary of Education, Genius Plaza invited students and teachers to participate in a sparks contest titled “Do Meu Bairro para o Mundo” (From my neighborhood to the world), in which they picked a resource, such as an e-book, video, to showcase their hometown to the world.

Out of the 32 submissions received (10 teachers and 22 students) five winners were selected by Secretary of Education members and Genius Plaza community manager Erika Gimenes.  The winners of the contest, teachers Margarette Carvalho (Colégio Estadual Norma Ribeiro) and Viviane Santos (Colégio Estadual Norma Ribeiro) and students Italo Gabriel (Centro Juvenil de Ciência e Cultura de Salvador), Dario (Centro Juvenil de Ciência e Cultura de Salvador), and Cleberson Dias (Escola Estadual Luiz Fernando Macedo Costa) were awarded with prizes at an intimate reception held at Wish Hotel da Bahia on Wednesday, June 6th.

Virtual Educa 2018Our Lead Generation Coordinator, Jessica Ortega alongside Community Manager Erika Gimenes and four local teachers, the Genius Plaza team showcased the platform, which now features Portuguese content in every resource as well as English and Spanish already being shared with thousands of users across the world.  Genius Plaza also hosted eight workshops at Virtual Educa in which teachers had the opportunity to learn about education, use of Technology, and bilingualism in today’s modern world.

Some of these topics were “The protagonist in every child, Strategies to enhance parent engagement, Bilingualism, The use of technology in the classroom, the important of early childhood, and using digital content in an offline setting. These workshops were hosted by Genius Plaza employees, as well as Wagner Roberto Neves (Director at Escola Estadual José Geraldo de Lima), and Marilia (Professor at Mackenzie University) in Sao Paulo.

Virtual Educa 2018Diego Sales, Education Consultant also spoke about the importante and use of Sparks (Co-Creation) at the Global Fórum event, as well as the Think Blue, World Oceans Day event held on Friday, June 8th.  We are honored to have been featured in several local publications in Bahia, highly speaking about our use of technology as we help to ignite the genius in every child. Our sparks contest and winners were also featured and highlighted in the story here. Thank you Bahia and everyone at Virtual Educa for your warm welcome, for the smiles in every teacher who learned how to bring technology into their classroom by using our platform, and for the students who made us smile along with them, as we saw their creation come to fruition.