Three New Genius Adventures Games

We are excited to announce three new print-and-play games from Genius Adventures! Our new artist, Andrew, has been hard at work making our ideas into reality.

These games are smaller in size and shorter in length than Temple of Knowledge. We wanted to create games that could be taught in under a minute and played in 25 minutes or less. Each of these games is compatible with any subject and can be played again and again with different challenge cards each game.

Cave Race

In Cave Race, players take control of submarines racing through an underwater cave to be the first to reach a sunken city! This is a game with no turns. Instead, all players go at the same time, answering a challenge question. Those who get the question right can move ahead one space—or they can try to answer a second challenge question. If they get that right, they can try for a third and final question, which will move them one more space if they are correct. But, as soon as a player gets a question wrong, they lose their movement for that round.

There are perilous shortcuts filled with sea creatures—these are too dangerous to stay in for too long, so you can’t end your movement here and must answer three questions correctly to make it through!

When you’re behind the pack, there’s always a chance to catch up, but it might mean you have to take a few risks.

Cave Race works well with ages 8 to 13 and takes 15 to 20 minutes to play.

Stormy Skies

Players take to the sky in this dangerous racing game. In Stormy Skies, each player has a hot air balloon that they will steer through the clouds, avoiding storm clouds and trying to fly through wind clouds.

Like in Cave Race, all players move at the same time. Each round, all players will try to answer a challenge question. Those who get the question right can move their balloon up or down one space. Then, everyone gets to move forward. If they land on a wind cloud, they get to move an extra space! But if they would move onto a storm cloud, they cannot move and will have to move up or down to keep up with the other balloons!

Stormy Skies works well with ages 7 to 12 and takes 10 to 15 minutes to play.

Star Rails

In Star Rails, Players steer trains along a network of trails in space while collecting energy from stars and avoiding a crash! If you’ve played Tron or Blokus, you’ll enjoy the strategy of Star Rails.

One player starts the game by announcing which direction they want to move their train in. Then, they draw a line on the board that shows the path their train followed. Next, all other players have the option to move the same direction if they want to. But “left” for one player is not the same as “left” for another player.

As players move their trains, they try to gather energy from stars by answering challenge questions and scoring points. Players can never move onto a space that another train has moved onto or through—even if it’s their own train! When one player is unable to move, the game ends and the player with the most points wins.

Star Rails works well with ages 9 to 17 and takes 15 to 25 minutes to play.

We are very proud of our new titles and are excited to expand the game library of Genius Adventures! These games will be available for purchase from very soon.

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