The Teachers of Instagram

This week we want to highlight the passion and projects teachers have recently shared on Instagram.


This teacher is such an inspiration. Look how excited these students are about science class! Science must be taught in a fun, creative way to get students interested – and keep them interested! We need more scientists in the world.

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So we kinda sorta love science! 🤣 A lot! #kitchenchemistry #ronclarkacademy #setthestagetoengage #bethewildcard #teachersofinstagram Lyrics by my students: Walk into class science gonna be a blast! We’re 2021 and you know we’re learning fast! 20…21! 20….21! Ok. Ok! Yeah you know we’re gonna slay! We’re in science with Mrs. King! Observe and follow me! Use scientific method and then you will succeed. Hypothesize! Drop! These scientist don’t stop! Aye! Don’t stop yeah we know just what we’ve got! Focus and tracking are all the things we need. Dig inside deep and find that energy. On the grind all the time never gonna stop! Aye! Don’t stop! Yeah we’re striving for the top!

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This teacher planned a craft for little ones to celebrate Veterans Day.



This teacher inspired her students to write stories about bats. This will help students reinforce facts they have learned about bats.



This teacher used dominoes to help students find sums. Have you tried using dominoes to teach math?



This extra-large chart is a great way to help students to learn multiplication.



I hope you feel inspired by these ideas. Please share your projects with us! We would love to see your creativity.


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