Celebrate World Teachers’ Day and Enter to Win!

Join us as we celebrate World Teachers Day by writing an eBook about your favorite teacher. We will select and profile the best eBooks on our newsletter and Leaderboard, and select one teacher to sponsor at an upcoming conference.

How to Win & Celebrate World Teachers’ Day!

  • Go to GeniusPlaza.com or download our Genius Plaza app.
  • Create an eBook about a teacher who made a big impact in your life.  
  1. What made them a great teacher?
  2. What do/did you like the most about him/her?
  3. What was the best activity you did or lesson you learned from them?
  • Submissions close on Friday, October 6th.
  • Winners will be announced the week of October 16.
  • If you have questions, email me at monica@geniusplaza.com

You can use our new Genius Plaza app!

As we continue our mission to ignite the genius in every child, we are excited to unveil our new Genius Plaza app. You can access thousands of free education resources in English and Spanish for math, language arts, and science. Plus, you can create your own content. You can find videos, eBooks, virtual reality content, printables, exercises, and vocabulary sets. Join a global classroom and access re-teachings by teachers, students, and parents for grades PreK to 12th. Download the free app on Amazon, iOS, and Google Play.

Genius Plaza App
The best part? You can now create your own content! Yes, teachers can upload their lessons and have students create content to reteach what they have learned, bringing the #studentvoice to life.

Join us in saying THANK YOU to the countless of teachers who inspire us.
World Teachers' Day

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