The Teachers of Instagram

This week we want to highlight the passion and projects teachers have recently shared on Instagram.


This teacher is such an inspiration. Look how excited these students are about science class! Science must be taught in a fun, creative way to get students interested – and keep them interested! We need more scientists in the world.


This teacher planned a craft for little ones to celebrate Veterans Day.



This teacher inspired her students to write stories about bats. This will help students reinforce facts they have learned about bats.



This teacher used dominoes to help students find sums. Have you tried using dominoes to teach math?



This extra-large chart is a great way to help students to learn multiplication.


Third grade created an XL multiplication chart for the hall! This makes my ❤️ happy!

A post shared by Stephanie McConnell (@principalprinciples) on Nov 8, 2017 at 1:20am PST


I hope you feel inspired by these ideas. Please share your projects with us! We would love to see your creativity.


Trick or treat?

This week we had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween. We want to highlight the best teacher costumes, and we want to share the celebration we had at Genius Plaza.

Look this beautiful Monarch butterfly, doesn’t she look great?  

I am a Monarch butterfly today! I’m still learning how to fly! 🤣

A post shared by Carolina: (@funforspanishteachers) on Oct 31, 2017 at 6:26am PDT

Wow, a real superhero! To be a teacher, you must have some superpowers.

When your students pick your Halloween costume. #teachers #teacherlife #superman #clarkkent #halloween #teachercostume

A post shared by Nicholas Ferroni (@nicholasferroni) on Oct 31, 2017 at 7:18am PDT

As a Mexican, I love these Catrinas, great job teachers!

101 Dalmatians!  All of them look super cute.

Adorable idea! The Three Little Pigs story in a costume.

Happy Halloween! #firstgradeteam #threelittlepigs #bigbadwolf #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram

A post shared by Veronica Sanchez (@firstgradedualadventures) on Oct 31, 2017 at 11:49am PDT

And here’s how Genius Plaza celebrated Halloween.  We really enjoyed seeing the kids’ faces!

This how we celebrated #Halloween

A post shared by Genius Plaza (@geniusplaza) on Nov 3, 2017 at 10:28am PDT


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Let the Day Inspire Your Teaching

Did you know that March 13th is National Earmuff Day? Does that matter? Maybe!

A day’s teaching can be perked up by even the smallest things. I encourage you to scour the internet for all the little known national days that blanket the calendar. Let inspiration take over and add a little spark to your teaching with this knowledge.  You can link an educational topic or review some material that relates in some way to this theme of the day. Students will love it!  If you build excitement or anticipation in the classroom, students may find out just how much they care about the fact that June 6th is National Yo-yo Day.

Here’s an educational video I made about estimation and rounding for National Author’s Day, which is November 1st.

 Watch Video

December 4th is National Dice Day. How about a probability exercise for math class?

Watch video

January 23rd is National Handwriting Day. How about a fun writing activity to review spelling words?

Play game

March 12th is National Plant a Flower Day. How about a science class review of the parts of a plant?

Here’s where you can find a multitude of national days. There is always an opportunity to add a little more fun to the classroom and do something that will grab the attention of your students.




Celebrating Halloween with Ideas from Our Teachers


This week, we want to share some great ideas for celebrating Halloween from teachers following us on Instagram.

@firstgradedualadventures shared a great idea to engage students with six Halloween stations, creating awesome and fun art projects. 

@kristinbertie shared a great way to motivate students about writing.

Who doesn’t love pumpkin carving? You can see how engaged these students are in this art project. @mrs.giannotti

Do you want to surprise your students this Halloween? Look at this cute idea from @primaryplayground

Your students are going to love this idea! Monster traps. @prideandjoyinprimary

Take a look at this creative idea from @pnetherly for decorating pumpkins. 

This how we celebrate Halloween at Genius Plaza:

A song about safety tips for trick-or-treating.


Play song

An eBook about the origins of the Halloween.

Read eBook

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Why Branding is Important

Sometimes our intentions are good, but they miss the big picture. Last year on May 4th, also known as “Star Wars Day,” the brand Cinnabon tweeted an image of Princess Leia with a bun in her hair with a clever caption. It garnered a lot of positive attention for its playfulness and humor. The same image was used for Carrie Fisher’s death, which was met with negative reactions from fans who felt it was too exploitative for such a somber occasion.

Branding is important because it can affect a company in positive or negative ways. I recently attended a Design Conference called Create Upstate, and the information I received was gold. Branding is important because:

  1. Good branding is important because people who feel more do more.
  2. The stronger the message, the more likely it will ignite emotion in and connect with an audience. This creates loyalty and recognition.
  3. Good branding builds excitement, which can lead to word-of-mouth references and generous company promotion.
  4. A good campaign makes a significant difference, bringing in more attention and exposure.

I will share with you a project created by a Rochester design studio named Truth Collective that shows an example of a successful branding campaign for a nonprofit organization, and its results.

This campaign was created to promote an annual award ceremony given by a nonprofit organization called Causewave, located in Rochester. The award ceremony recognizes individuals and groups who have contributed to the community and to the organization in a significant way. Truth Collective created a campaign for this event, naming it Slaying Giants. The idea came from the mythological tale of David and Goliath. The idea of an average human male defeating a giant ten times his size is a symbology for the nonprofit; their small company successfully fights against corporations that are affecting society in a negative way. The material created for this campaign was released into the world through digital and printable outlets. A couple weeks before the event, ticket sales increased by more than 18%.

Besides the organization’s publicity and sales, branding is an identity. It is a foundation and support to the organization’s existence. A name is significant, but how significant is something without a face or personality?

Don’t undervalue the importance of branding. It’s more powerful than you think!