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Last week we unveiled our new search toolbar, and we have received great feedback. The search toolbar is now also available on our homepage, and as you can see, you can apply filters to search thousands of resources by resource type (eBook, video, vocabulary set, etc.), language, grade, creator, and subject.

Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue and New Generations

Family and Language Three years ago, my cousin Kevin came to upstate New York from northern Germany for a visit. My mother, a German immigrant who had arrived in the United States as a child, was initially embarrassed by how rusty her German skills had become after many years of

Weekly Education News Update!

The Tennessean discussed the need for diversity among teachers in schools, whether it be more teachers of color, or increasing the number of teachers from rural settings.  It has been proven through research that diverse teachers have a positive effect on student’s educational experience.  Having a diverse staff allows more

Weekly Education News Update!

The Journal published the article 7 Digital Learning Trends, which examined a research project known as Speak Up. The project surveyed more than 514,000 educators, parents, and students over the past few months. One of the main findings was “demand is growing for game-based learning environments and new learning models,