Being a teacher is the best practical satisfying profession.
Passionate Teacher’s Pose for the Camera

My father, my hero – Esther

Esther Kusasira, says her father inspired her to be a teacher and much more.

Taking a child for a Moto-cycle ride is a memorable experience. For a young one like Esther, it was just more that– a life changing experience.

The tiny Esther would sit at the back of a Yamaha motorbike, hold on to her father’s waist and wobble through the village with a helmet size too large bouncing on her head, either to accompany him to Angalo Hospital in Nebbi District or give him company as he carried out community medical outreaches once a week.

“My star is my father. He was very keen on reaching out rather than stay in the hospital” says Esther with a nervous timid laughter.

Esther’s Education Journey

Esther, pursued a bachelor’s Degree of education at Makerere University. She  majored in Math and Science which enabled her kick-start community outreaches and rejuvenate the Heart of Mercy Schools rehabilitation program in Uganda. ‘Our education program as a community school is called “change my community”,

It empowers and prepares people with values and skills to become change agents and leave sustainably with their environment for economic growth and development” she explains and echoes it as a childhood inspiration drawn from the family reach-outs during Easter weekends and Christmas.

Esther is grateful to her father, for the upbringing and for the education he introduced to her.

‘My biggest challenge as a teacher and as an educationist has always been lack of proper education facilities such as textbooks, computers or even the very basics such as manila chats or white boards to write on; A challenge many teachers have had to put up with for many years during their career time’, says Esther in an amused tone.

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