NYCSchools Tech: Using Digital Learning and STEAM in the Classroom

Genius Plaza will be attending NYC Schools Tech Summit on July 31 at Beacon High School in New York City. 

Vivian Bueno, the principal at PS 73 in the Bronx will be leading one of our workshops, regarding doing our workshop: Genius Plaza: Using Digital Learning and STEAM in the Classroom, to be held at 11am, Room 317. 
In this discussion, we will discover how blended learning is leading the way in today’s education. The use of education technology is proving to engage students and facilitate teaching in many ways. Personalized learning and student-centered activities are two key trends that are enabled through digital learning environments.
Bueno has been an innovative agent for change on behalf of Emergent Bilingual students in New York City public schools during her extensive career as New York City educator. 
Prior to this role, she designed and implemented a K-8 dual language school at the PS/MS 218X, the Rafael Hernandez Dual Language School in the Bronx, District 9. Her integrity and work ethic are paramount to her passion and dedication to advocate for high quality and rigorous instruction in two languages. The School Technology Summit will connect educators, administrators, and other staff to new ideas, best practices and each other.  

Attracting over 1,200 leaders, technology staff and teachers the Summit is the best way to highlight your solutions and learn more about the district’s latest technology plans and priorities.
The event is presented by the NYCDOE Division of Instructional and Information Technology and is sponsored by the Center for Digital Education.