Genius Plaza is coming to ISTE!

Caio Remlinger Sparks

Just last weekend, I was going over the summer reading list with my twins, who will be entering third grade in the fall. Being the book worm, English loving nerd that I am, I started looking online at what the ELA curriculum would be for third grade. I researched Genius Plaza’s website for third grade resources. As I look at the worksheets and videos I stumble upon adjectives. Uh oh. Did they not learn that in 2nd grade? Or did they? I couldn’t remember anymore. School has been out for only two weeks but I am already drawing a blank.


“Did you learn adjectives? Caio, did your teacher teach you adjectives?” He nodded no. He had no idea what they were. Puzzled, I looked his twin brother Lucas. “Do you know what adjectives and nouns are?” and he nodded yes. Ok so maybe they did learn it. How could I be so bad and not remember this?

Lucas then explains to Caio “An adjective describes a thing, object or place…a spider has eight legs. It’s counting the number of legs. So eight is the adjective!” In a matter of seconds, his brother’s face lights up “Ohhhh yeah!! I remember!!!”

“Hey Lucas, why don’t you record a video and explain to the other kids in second grade what an adjective is?” and minutes later, my son was creating his own Spark which we will be uploading on the website using his login.

Lucas Remlinger Sparks

Genius Plaza Core is just one of the products that we will be showcasing when we visit ISTE in Chicago next week (June 24-28). Genius Plaza Core features our educational platform. We bring the best quality education to communities around the world, providing access to the strongest, culturally relevant math, science and language arts content offered in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

One of the most unique areas of the website is that the student can use their own ideas, creativity and tech skills to create their own sparks, which is something that has never done before. This is my favorite aspect of Genius Plaza (as a person who believes in the mission as well as a parent who always promotes the creativity of my own children). A child (from K-12) can create their own material, on any subject they like and upload content to the site (with the approval of an adult).

Another innovation we’ll be showcasing is GeniusXR, our classroom learning adventures.

This is the first mobile AR creation platform made for student-driven learning and language acquisition. Students can create a 3D lesson in minutes or choose from a growing library of 3D vocabulary lessons tailored to English learners. Genius XR works without any internet connection.
Genius Careers, available through Genius Subscriptions, is made up of a group of social entrepreneurs who believe that education is the only sustainable equalizer. Our Career Champions are professionals working at top companies, who connect with students in your classrooms, in order to inspire them to pursue college education, and give them real-life exposure to careers.
Come see what we have in store, as Genius Plaza will be featuring these products at booth 844 at ISTE next week!