Genius Plaza hosts teacher vlogger summit

I have always had admiration and respect for teachers. They work harder than anyone else I know. They make sure our little ones are taken care of when they are away from home. They teach, inspire and transform the life of our children day after day. I am a firm believer that one teacher has the power to change the world.

There are many teachers that I follow online on various social media platforms. Not only do I interact with them due to my profession, but also because I am a mother of twins who are about to start 3rd grade, so I always look up to them for inspiration and techniques that I can implement at home to help my kids in any school assignments and projects.

A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting four of these amazing teachers in Miami when Genius Plaza held a teacher vlogger summit at the Fountain Blu hotel in Miami Beach.

Attending this event were 4th grade teacher from Miami Mariely Sanchez (@pencilsandmagicwands), Michelle Ferre (@pocketfullofprimary) from Maryland, Bridget Spackman (@theletteredclassroom) from Pennsylvania, and Fernanda Sandoval (@thatonehappyclassroom) from Arizona.

Along with our CEO Ana Castro, and CAO Michelle Emirzian, they dedicated their time to attend workshops and training sessions where they shared tips on their creativity and techniques they use to bring technology into the classroom.

This was a great opportunity for them to share ideas as they prepared to start the new school year. What is even more touching, is that they had all followed each other on social media but had never met in person before. It was really a delight to join them for this summit and look the excitement in their faces as they shared so many ideas to implement into their classroom.

It is my belief that life is a learning journey and it’s important for teachers and parents to be co-learners in and out of the classroom as this leads to a mutual respect between adults and children. It is important for children to feel confident to participate even if they are not always getting things right. Children learn most when they are motivated and when they are in an environment where they feel it is safe to fail.

Aside from their various teaching techniques, and telling us what did and did not work in their classroom, they also expanded on the ditch the textbook topic that is currently a trending topic in various EdTech chats on recent social media twitter chats. As they also modernize the way they teach and share their methods on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

I will proudly share two vlogs they created about this experience. I invite you to take some time to view them so you can see what an amazing experience this was for us, and for them! Mariely Sanchez’video can be found here and Michelle’s by visiting this link .