Education-related News Headlines and Resources August 18, 2017

Changing it up! 

Today our weekly news and resources recap will be a little different. We will be sharing some resources that we think will help teachers and parents, as well as other news.

Resources for Teachers and Parents

Earlier this week we posted resources for Charlottesville, and we invite you to review and add more info here:  and continue to follow the hashtag  #CharlottesvilleCurriculum

Next week, a huge focus will be the #solareclipse2017. There are many great resources, including these from NASA, and , or you can see if your local library is hosting an event. There are many more resources available, let us know if there is one you recommend.


SXSW and SXSWEDU #panelpicker – vote yes for our panels!

Thank you NIBLETZ for selecting our panel as one to vote for!

Our other panels include:

Leveraging Tech to Drive Positive Health Behavior

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children are the poorest segment of society, with 21 percent of US children living below the federal poverty level. Johnson & Johnson partnered with Genius Plaza, an ed tech platform providing co-creation tools to young leaders in Title I schools, to address these disparities. During this dynamic presentation, they will share their experiences on how their work has changed their own behavior and has empowered their peers locally and globally. Vote YES here:

Why Diversity in Tech is Still an Uphill Battle

As much as technology has been driving disruption across industries and sectors, it seems to be years behind when it comes to diversity. Can real change in diversity and inclusion really happen? Can they be accelerated in Silicon Valley and STEAM careers in general? The format for this conversation will be a candid discussion about the challenges, what is not working, and what programs are having an impact. Vote YES here:

Biases and Barriers in the Education Pipeline

The biases and barriers across the education pipeline continue to impact diversity in STEM careers. In this mentor/student conversation, we will discuss how access to innovative programs can drive change. The session, led by The Summer Math and Science Honors Academy (SMASH) mentor Regan Patterson, will include presentations from a SMASH student, and a dynamic discussion on barriers and key information for pursuing careers in STEM. Vote YES here:

Some Genius Plaza News

We are proud to be a part of Project Include – learn more in this article on the gains made in the first year.

Language Magazine covered the unveiling of our new English-language course, read the story here.


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