Blobland is a Reality

On June 15, Genius Plaza launched Blobland. This educational game supports four-year-olds’ developmental needs. At the age of four, children should know how to count. This game helps them hone those skills. Using a tablet or smartphone they can practice counting, reached the public after applying the strategies of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in which their acceptance was verified by the children and their parents, who were enthusiastic about having a game that allows their children to practice mathematics and also to train their ears in three different languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) of how the numbers and the mathematical operations.

Blobland in just two weeks, with only one world of 15 levels, reached more than 300 downloads, win the No. 6 position in the ranking of Kids category on Google Play. And now Blobland brings us a new puzzle with 15 new levels.

The puzzle is to place the correct blobs in the corresponding boats. Each blob column represents a position value (ten and one). In each boat only 9 Blobs of a type fit, so if there are more than 9 units they must combine them to create a ten and put it in the corresponding boat. With this conundrum children will learn the concept of “carrying the decade” when adding with the standard method and also learn the classification of each digit of a number depending on their position.

This update is scheduled to go up to stores on July 10 and can be downloaded on all devices from Google Play and App Store. If you want to be aware of all the news of Blobland register at or look for us on all social networks like  @PlayBlobland on Facebook and Instagram and as @Blobland1 on Twitter.

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