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Weekly Education News Update!

This past week, EdSurge discussed the lack of female leadership and diversity on corporate boards, specifically among startup technology companies. “If, as a company, your goal is to make an impact in education, then you need representation in your leadership that can relate to the population you are trying to impact.”

Just the right word

In recent years, people – especially women – have become more aware of the use of their minimizing language, like “sorry” and “just.” In a number of articles and blog posts, people have written that women should stop using such language immediately, or risk having less successful careers. These writings

Weekly Education News Update!

The Tennessean discussed the need for diversity among teachers in schools, whether it be more teachers of color, or increasing the number of teachers from rural settings.  It has been proven through research that diverse teachers have a positive effect on student’s educational experience.  Having a diverse staff allows more

De mayor quiero ser…

Los padres somos el mayor  ejemplo para nuestros hijos. Aunque sus maestros también pasan muchas horas al día con ellos, nosotros somos el espejo en el que se miran desde que se levantan hasta que se acuestan, y nuestros comentarios, decisiones y consejos son sumamente importantes para ayudarles a convertirse